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Thank you for being a valued resident at Colonial Gardens. We strive to make life here as stress free, clean and peaceful as possible. If for any reason there is anything not up to standard, please let us know, we will work to correct the issue so you can get back to living!

Please consult of Policies & Procedures page for most questions you may have. Pets are in a category all of there own. If you are considering adding a furry friend to the family please consult the Pet Policy page first.


If you have an maintenance emergency that cannot wait until the next business day or it is before or after regular business hours. An emergency is considered a fire, flood, or any other hazardous or dangerous condition. 

An emergency is NOT the oven is not working, a problem with the neighbor, etc. For all other maintenance request please fill out a request form.




For moving out procedures and notices.




We provided links for the local utility companies and other other local places we though you might need. 

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