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The following information is designed to answer frequently asked questions and to minimize confusion related to caring for the property and interacting with Colonial Gardens Management.


Rent is due on the 1st of each month.
Make checks payable to:

Allegro East, LLC

PO Box 132

Tomkins Cove, NY 10986


Rent may be paid by bank transfer (call for details), personal check, money order or cashier's check. 

Please put your name and rental unit number on your check/money order every time to ensure that you are properly credited with payment. Be sure check or money orders are completed with the names of payer and payee. Colonial Gardens will not be responsible for cash or incomplete money orders mailed to us. Receipts will only be given if a self addressed stamped envelope, with a note requesting a receipt, accompanies the rent payment. Remember that late charges begin on the 6th of each month (rent must be postmarked by the 5th to avoid late fees).


If a maintenance issue should arise, a maintenance request form must be filled out and submitted to the office. Please send an email if you have a maintenance request to We ask that you submit maintenance requests in writing to avoid confusion and to ensure that we have a clear record of your request. When making a request, be specific about the problem and where it is located. Remember to include your name, address and the best time number(s) to reach you at.

Tenants must be prepared to schedule time and make themselves available during normal business hours to let a vendor or repair person into the property. Tenants are responsible for securing any pets that may be encounter. Failure to do so will result in work request to not be completed and Tenant to be charged for the service call.


Pets are in a category all of there own. If you are considering adding a furry friend to the family please consult the pet policy page first.


Colonial Gardens keeps extra keys for each property. During regular business hours you may call and we will try to come unlock your door.
After business hours, keys are not available and you will have to call a locksmith.
Be sure to carry all your door keys (handle and deadbolt) with you. When vendors are authorized to enter a property, they are required to secure the premises when thy leave. That includes setting the deadbolt or locks whether you set them or not.



The following information has been gathered in response to requests from residents looking for guidelines at move-in and move-out times. If you have questions about the use and care for items not on this list, please call Colonial Gardens Management.


All Tenants are responsible for cleaning and replacing the filter at least one time per month. Problems caused from the failure to clean/replace the filter may be the tenant's responsibility. Dust can accumulate at room vents as well as the return vent. A small broom brushed against the vent openings will clear away and dust and help the unit work more efficiently. Do not place furnishings or anything against the return vent that will block airflow.

Make sure outside unit is clear and unobstructed. Placing objects upon or against unit will cause it to burn up the motor.


Avoid letting food, hair, grease and too much paper get down the drain.
Clogged drains caused by food, hair, grease and excessive paper are the tenant's responsibility. Some dishwashers will clog from food left on dishes when put in the machine. Always rinse dishes prior to loading dishwasher.

An excellent drain cleaning/clearing solution recipe is: 1 cup salt, 1 cup baking Soda, 1 cup vinegar, followed by 8 cups boiling water. We recommend performing this treatment monthly to avoid build-up. After bathing remove excess hair left at drain catcher to avoid clogs.

Many homes and apartments have low-flow toilets. We strongly recommend that you keep a plunger on hand. Low-flow toilets tend to clog or back up if too much paper, etc. is flushed. Never put sanitary napkins, diaper or handy wipes, napkins or paper towels down the toilet.


If the power goes out in your home, check to see if the whole area is without power. If it is out in the entire area, chances are the provider is already aware, but you can try to call and report it.

If the power is only out in your home/unit, check the circuit breaker box. One or More circuits may be tripped and you may see them in the off position. If no switch is off turn each switch off then on to reset the circuits. If this doesn't solve the problem call your energy provider and report it. If they inform you that it is a problem with your individual unit, then call Colonial Gardens Management.


Keep coils on refrigerators free of dust.

Most refrigerators have drip pans under them. If not kept clean, the pans can start to develop a strong odor. It is normal for the drip pan to accumulate water please take a moment to get acquainted with your appliances.

Refrigerators need to have a normal amount of contents in order to stabilize their temperature. Make sure you give your unit enough time to get properly cold.


The easiest way to clean oven racks and pans is to put them in a heavy duty garbage bag (do this outside), add 2 cups of ammonia and seal the bag. Let it sit for a couple of hours, then carefully open the bag (without inhaling the strong odor). Remove racks and pans and the grease will wipe off with very little effort.


Bleach is the best product for removing mildew that forms around the edges of showers, tubs, tile on the walls, around metal windows and anywhere there is moisture. The easiest way to remove mildew is to cut paper towels in half and fold them in one-inch strips. Dip each strip into the bleach bottle. Lay the bleach soaked strips directly on the affected area and leave it there for several hours. It works great! Remember to wear rubber gloves and have proper ventilation.


Be sure that drip pans are kept under all plants. Water run-off will stain or damage most surfaces.


To avoid costly damage from nicks and cuts in counter tops, please use a cutting board at all times.


Potted plants and flowers add beauty and appeal to a property. If you have Planters or pots, please put "feet" under them so that they are raised up off the steps a few inches to allow air flow beneath the pot, and to prevent water run-off from rotting the wood.


Tenants are responsible for keeping fresh batteries in smoke detectors. We recommend changing batteries at the beginning and end of daylight savings time.


- While most of us don't need reminding, it is important to keep your unit in a clean and sanitary condition.
- Take trash out immediately to trash receptacles. Do not leave trash outside by your door. This will attract bugs and unwanted pests.
- Discard cigarette butts in proper containers, not on the ground.



Please be courteous to all neighbors.

Watch out for children playing.

Obey all local and state ordinances.

In case of emergency-Fire, Police or Ambulance 911

For a complete list of commonly needed phone number see our "helpful links" page.

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