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We love animals just as much as you!
Here is some information regarding your furry friends you may want to consider.



Cats $150
Small Dogs (under 30 lb.) $200
Dogs (over 30 lb.) $250


$100 of Pet deposit is non-refundable.


Pet Rent: $25 per pet is added to monthly rent.

Vicious dogs, dogs that bite and the breeds below are not allowed.

- Pit Bull

- Rottweiler

- Doberman Pinscher


Please fill out a pet approval form and send it to management, BEFORE pet moves in with you!

Pet Approval

Pet 1

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Pet 2

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Pet 3

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We know that you are excited about getting a new pet, so we will be as quick as possible with the approval process. Please wait until you have an approval in writing to move your new pet in.

Thanks for submitting!

Pet Policies


Here are some things to consider before adopting a pet: 


  • Pet Policies and Pet Addendum will need to be signed BEFORE pet moves in.

  • The term “pet” refers to a domesticated species and genus of animal commonly recognized as a household pet, examples of which are cats, dogs, birds and fish tanks larger than 10 gallons. 

  • Assist animals that provide assistance, service and support to a disabled person are not considered pets and are not limited by this Policy. However, they must be registered with management. 

  • Vicious pets, exotic pets or any poisonous or venomous pets will not be permitted. 

  • Keeping aggressive dog breeds is not allowed by management. 

  • Pets may not be kept or bred for commercial purposes while on the property.

  • Unauthorized pets, including pets of visitors or guests, will not be allowed on the property even on a temporary basis. 

  • The maximum number of pets allowed for each unit is 2. Assist animals will not be counted toward the maximum number of pets allowed. 

  • All dogs must be restrained by a leash when in the common areas or on the grounds. 

  • All cats and dogs must wear a collar with identification tags that indicate the pet’s name, the tenant’s name and telephone number. 

  • All cats and dogs must be licensed in accordance with all applicable ordinances of the local municipality and must display a current license tag on their collar. 

  • All cats and dogs must have current rabies and distemper vaccinations and must display a current rabies vaccination tag on their collar. A veterinarian’s statement regarding vaccinations must be provided to management. 

  • If a pet is left unattended for an inappropriate period due to the tenant’s illness, neglect, or inability to provide pet care, management, at its discretion, may enter the tenant’s unit and arrange for the pet’s care. Tenant will provide management with the name, address and telephone number of a person or source who will accept the responsibility for the pet’s care in the event of such an occurrence. Any costs incurred with be deducted from the tenant’s pet security deposits. 

  • Mistreatment, abuse or neglect of any pet will not be tolerated. 

  • Tenant agrees to keep the unit in good condition and allow periodic inspections by management to assure that there are no damages caused by pet. 

  • Presence of a pet may not interfere with maintenance or routine pest extermination of the unit. Tenant is responsible for removing or protecting the pet when these procedures are requested or scheduled by management. 

  • Tenant is responsible for keeping all areas where pet is housed clean, safe and free of parasites, including fleas. Dog owners must immediately pick up and dispose of all dog waste deposited on property. Cat owners must place soiled litter in tied plastic bags and dispose of it in outside garbage facilities, not the toilet system. Litter boxes must be changed a minimum of once a week, or more often if odor problems occur. 

  • Tenant is responsible for keeping pet from disturbing other tenants or becoming a nuisance. Nuisance may include chronic noise that disturbs other tenants; failure to properly dispose of pet wastes; and unleashed or unattended pets. 

  • Complaints regarding failure to comply with this Policy must be made in writing to management. If the complaint is determined to be valid, management will issue a warning to the tenant who must immediately remedy the situation. Additionally, a charge of Fifty Dollars ($50.00) will be made for each warning issued. 

  • A tenant who fails to remedy the situation after 3 warnings will receive a three day notice to remove the pet. Threatening behavior, animal bites or attacks by a pet will constitute grounds for immediate removal. If the tenant fails to remove the pet after receiving notice to do so, tenant will be considered to be in breach of the lease and may be evicted, and if so, will forfeit any pet security deposit. 

  • Tenant is responsible for and must immediately pay for the cost of all damages or injuries caused by his/her pet and will also be responsible for the full cost of flea extermination in the building that may be required because of the tenant’s pet. 

  • There is an additional pet security deposit for each pet, due at the time the pet is registered and accepted, One hundred ($100.00) per pet is non-refundable, the remainder is to be refundable within 30 days following the lease expiration after all costs, if any, for the removal of all pet odor, wastes, hair and fleas have been removed and all damage to the property, including the yard and building, has been repaired. 

  • Keeping a pet on the property is a privilege, not a right, and that management reserves the right to prohibit or demand removal of any pet at any time. 

  • Tenant agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend the owner, agents and employees of the property against all liability, judgments, expenses or claims by a third party for any injury against any person or damage to any property caused by any pet or animal possessed or brought onto the property by the tenant, or allowed by the tenant to be brought onto the property. 

  • Dog owners must maintain renters insurance that covers dogs during duration of rental agreement. Proof thereof must be on file with management.

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